Influenced by contemporary discourse on the phenomenology of shame and borrowing from Sartrean themes, “Between You & Yourself” explores sexuality of the individual as a solo venture, and the implications it sets on the self. The dichotomy of any relation inherently involves subject and object. This dynamic is amplified when such a relation is of a sexual nature. But what can be said about of the paradoxical placement of the self in masturbation? How does one reconcile with the oscillation between being object and being subject, of being at once the giver and the receiver (of pleasure, of orgasm)? What can be said about the interchangeable nature of fucking and of being fucked? Just as in sex, portraiture relates a subject to an object. Just as in masturbation, self-portraiture gives rise to questions of agency, of subjectivity, and of self. If the photographer and the photographed are one and the same, then the interplay of being subject and being object might render it as mere aesthetic masturbation. “Between You & Yourself” asks the viewer to consider the extinguished power dynamic in masturbation and the parallels that this draws on in the photographic medium.