Deriving from Sartrean themes of object and body married with earlier meditations on colour and painting by Benjamin Walter, this series attempts to capture the aesthetic object as pure instantiation of colour and form. Most of my previous works revolve around the idea of the object and our (viewer and creator, your and my) relation to it. With this particular body of works, I set out to create a spatial arrangement within a banal backdrop. These familiar settings, these representations of real places in the world, play off of an object: an object that is amorphous and undefined insofar as it consists only of shape and colour, nonrepresentational and yet created for the backdrop in question and belonging solely to the painting. The object is rendered to represent a dimensionality that it will never have, within a space that is at once inexorably tied to and unquestionably of a different existential plane from it. In doing so, I hope to create a visual experience that invokes questions of ontology of the art object. I invite the viewer to consider each painting as both a planar surface for which colour and form may reside on and a space with depth that objects may reside within.