I think what all of my art comes down to is the recontextualization of object, its persistently changing ontological forms in the face of the ever evolving landscape of technology and human discourse, and the many instantiations of its ontology as a steadfast concept. 
The inevitable disappearance of all physicality gives rise to questions concerning the body object, the art object and the object in relation to self, all of which I’m interested in exploring. When the time comes that efficiency necessitates immediacy, and immediacy does violence to any mediation of experience, what will become of the form of object, that ultimate mediation between pure phenomena and the outside reality? What will become of object itself, that ever-remaining thing outside of us, the other? In this future that oscillates between idealistic and inevitable, what will become of aesthetics? What about the aesthetic experience? 

My art poses questions and plays with the shifting boundaries of aesthetics and ontology of art.